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Orthopaedic insoles

All orthopaedic insoles are custom-made in our workshop
All orthopaedic insoles are custom-made in our workshop

Foot posture affects the posture of the lower limbs (hips, knees, feet) and the backbone. Lumbago (lower back pain) and gonalgia (knee pain) can often be relieved by the use of orthopaedic soles.


Who may benefit from orthopaedic soles?

1- Children

It is important to act while the child (and his or her skeleton) is still growing. Often, wearing orthopaedic soles for a few years while growing quickly will help the child to stand up straighter and rebalance the skeleton in general.

2- Adults

At this stage it is more a case of correction and comfort. Adults may be treated for problems related to deformations (high arches, flat feet) or caused by a working posture (standing up for too long, for example).

3 – Sportsmen/women

In certain sports (football, tennis, athletics…) the use of orthopaedic soles can correct an imbalance and increase comfort, helping to avoid or reduce the risk of tendonitis, fatigue fractures etc.

4 – Older people

In this case it is a question of comfort, and alleviating skin problems (calluses, corns etc.).

5 – Patients with chronic illnesses

Arthritis, diabetes, polyarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis.